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Undermount kitchen sinks are one of the best options for you to consider if you love to provide your kitchen with a modern and elegant look. These sinks are attached right underneath your kitchen’s countertop. It allows you to easily clean your countertop and sweep all the crumbs right into the kitchen sink. There are various advantages to this undermount design. Let’s have a brief look at them through the list below.

Merits of undermount kitchen sinks

  • It is entirely possible for you to get up to half a square foot when it comes to some extra counter space with this design. It enables you to install the rim of the sink below your countertop’s surface.
  • As there’s no rim of the sink for you to deal with, you can do the cleaning very easily. Just sweep all the kitchen debris and crumbs right within the sink. You won’t have to deal with any obstruction at all.
  • This design is far simpler for you to clean as compared to any other design. Therefore, if ease of cleaning is your primary objective, then you need to go for an undermount design.
  • Another major advantage of undermount designs is that they are aesthetically very appealing particularly if you compare them with any other sink design.
Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink

    Why choose stainless steel?

    • There are different types of kitchen sinks available on the market. The most common types of them are porcelain and stainless steel. Porcelain is excellent when it comes to corrosion and rust. This means that if you live in a hot or humid environment then this sink material is going to be very beneficial for you. But porcelain is not ideal when it comes to durability. This is where a stainless steel sink comes in to play its role. For this reason alone, many people prefer to buy stainless steel sinks. These sinks are very common in industrial, commercial and residential applications.
    • This steel is low in carbon and has more chromium by weight. This chromium makes stainless steel all its features of rust and stain resistance along with some enhanced mechanical traits. This chromium content enables the formation of an adherent, rough and invisible oxide film with corrosion-resisting properties on the surface. If it is chemically or mechanically damaged, this oxide film can automatically heal itself. But for this, the amount of available oxygen should be at minimal.
    • The rust and corrosion resisting traits along with other properties of this stainless steel are improved further with the increased chromium content as well as some addition of other materials. These include the likes of nickel, nitrogen, and molybdenum. Due to the numerous qualities of stainless steel, these sinks are the best options for a number of environments. Some of the most important features of stainless steel sinks are as follows

    stainless steel

    -          Affordability

    There are different ranges of affordability when it comes to stainless steel. You can either buy a high-end kitchen sink or can also go for a budget-friendly option. There are different types of stainless steel that can suit different needs.


    -          Better quality

    With the introduction of new technologies and innovation, kitchen sinks continue to improve in terms of quality and build. The 18-gauge and 16-gauge thick sinks are stronger and less noisy as compared to their old counterparts.

    Better quality

    -          Durability

    In terms of longevity and durability, stainless steel is very long-lasting. It will not chip and is an excellent option for kitchen sinks and similar other applications. Stainless steel can also not fade, stain or crack as well.


    -          The larger capacity of the bowl

    As compared to other materials, stainless steel is very lightweight and is strong. This means that the manufacturers are able to create bigger and deeper bowls as compared to porcelain, or cast iron materials.

    kitchen sink

    -          Easy maintenance

    As stainless steel is very durable and long-lasting there is not much you need to do for maintenance either. This steel is not affected by any of those chemicals in the household. For this reason, it is able to maintain its real luster when you use any of those chemicals and whip them using a soft towel.

    Easy maintenance

    -          Corrosion-resistant

    Stainless steel will not rust or corrode and it will continue to impart a glow. Additionally, you can also choose between different types of glows ranging from satin luster to mirror-like luster.

    Corrosion resistant

    -          Shock absorbing

    Another huge benefit of stainless steel is that it can easily absorb shock and can provide cushion crystals, glassware, fine china and different types of ceramic against any of the breakage caused by accident.

    Shock absorbing

    -          Detailed accents

    The interior designers are very aware of the fact that stainless steel sinks can accent any architectural details of your kitchen. The cool textures and clean lines can reflect the patterns and colors in the surroundings. Its timeless beauty can easily complement your décor even after the trendy colors are long gone out of trend.

    Undermount kithcen sink

    -          Recyclable

    This is perhaps another one of the huge benefits of stainless steel as it cannot degrade over time. IT cannot lose any of its properties and for this reason; it is one of the best green options too.


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