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kitchen sink Introduction

 The Undermount Kitchen Sink models can be distinguished in a way how the sink is installed within the countertop of your kitchen. The Undermount Sinks are not dropped within the precut hole without the countertop. Instead, they are installed right under your kitchen’s counter.

Due to this way of installation, these sinks don’t feature any rim between the sink and countertop. This looks very sleek and gives your kitchen a modern look. There are different types of materials that you can use for these Undermount Sinks.

Mensorjor also has a range of materials on offer for its customers.  These include cast iron, stainless steel, copper, and solid surface. You can also choose double as well as single bowl Undermount Kitchen Sinks.

How to install Undermount Kitchen Sinks?

install Undermount Kitchen Sinks

If you have a botched installation, then even the best of the best in class kitchen counters won’t work. Therefore, the installation of these sleek looking countertops is critical. The most important thing that you need to consider here is supporting the weight of the sink.

You need to directly mount them to the concrete with the help of hardware that comes with the sink or your purchase. Now the issue is kitchen sinks are extremely heavy, and it is complicated to mount them to concrete directly. To tackle this issue, you have to do some special preparations.

Installation order

The installation of the kitchen sink must come first even before you set down the countertop slabs. After you have set down the countertop labs, it will be tough for you to fit the sink in the hole in a satisfactory manner. As the fitting will be irregular, you won’t be able to seal it down either. There will be unwanted gaps between the sink as well as the underside of your countertop.

  • First, you need to install the supports for the sink. And there are here different types of sinks supports that you can connect. We will provide the information on these types below.
  • Mensarjor Installation step one
  • The next step is to set your sink on the supporting frame.
  • Mensarjor Installation step two
  • Mensarjor Installation step three
  • You must apply a good bead of caulk around the flange of your sink’s top. For this purpose, you can use siliconized acrylic or silicone caulk for baths and kitchens.
  • Mensarjor Installation step four
  • Now you need to do the installation of the adjacent countertop slabs right over your sink. This will sandwich it in between the cabinet frame and the countertop.
  • Mensarjor Installation step five

Sink Support Types

For the countertops made of concrete, the concrete must not take all the weight of the sink, or it will crack. To handle this matter, you need to build a support system of plywood along with the cabinet frame. This frame will take some weight from the concrete and will provide it with enough support.

1.      Commercial Bracket

The first type of sink support is the commercial bracket. It is a commercial sink bracket and you can find a number of companies selling granite supplies. The brackets come with a design that you can install onto the frame. You can also follow the instruction given on the manual.

2.      Customized frames of wood

This is the second most common type of sink support and it is a custom made frame of wood. You can mount this frame to the walls of your cabinet. This frame can support the weight of your sink with the help of the flanges. You need to keep in mind that, always leave a little wiggle room in between the cradle and the bowl. This will enable you to align your sink with the hole for the countertop.

3.      Customized shelf made of plywood

The third type of sink support that you can use is the customized shelf made of plywood. The sheet of the plywood used for the purposes measures to be 0.75-inch thick and it is cut for fitting right inside the cabinet. There is a hole cut into the plywood and within this hole, the sink will drop. This whole needs to be large enough for allowing any aligning movement for the sink.

In some cases, it is useful to rout around over along the edges within the hole. Furthermore, it is critical to make all the holes within your plywood for all the faucet and plumbing fixtures that you will mount to the countertop. Additionally, these holes need to be large enough for the tools to access the faucet for various plumbing and hardware requirements.


It is absolutely critical to developing that watertight seal in between the sink and the countertop’s underside. You must take necessary precautions when you are applying that silicone or siliconized acrylic caulk along the side of sink’s flange. It needs to be generous enough in amount for the purpose of creating that watertight seal. It doesn’t need to be that much that it starts to look very messy.

Bare concrete has a tendency to react with the siliconized acrylic or silicone and it can produce that nasty looking consistency that resembles oatmeal. It will ooze out from the joint of the sink. Hence, you need to seal that underside of any of those sink openings. This is mandatory to ensure that only the sealed concrete gets in contact with the silicone caulk.  

Why do you need to have Undermount Sink in your kitchen?

Mensarjor Undermount Kitchen Sink

If you are looking to give your kitchen a new look then you need to consider installing an undermount sink there. It has a very elegant look and your kitchen will have a class of its own. 

There are several reasons why you need to have an undermount sink installed in your kitchen.

-          The premium item

Many homeowners consider the Undermount sinks as a premium item. If you are looking to sell your home then potential customers will be more interested to see these undermounts. These sinks add value to your kitchen and home.


-          Creative design

These sinks can serve the purpose of creative design. The Undermount sinks come in a host of different materials as well as sizes and colors. These aspects enable your sinks to be an authentic statement piece.

Mensarjor Creative design

-          Place faucets anywhere

You can easily position or place the faucets wherever you like according to the location of the sinks. Many of these designs don’t even come with those pre-drilled holes as in the case of overmount designs. In the case of overmount designs, you have to utilize the predrilled holes to make the design work.

-          Luxurious accent

These Undermount Sinks remain consistent with all contemporary and luxurious design trends. Plus, they can be in simplistic and clean line forms.

-          Increased counter space

Another huge advantage of these Undermounts is that they provide you with much counter space. As the sink is under the counter more than half square foot of your counter space is easily accessible.

Mensarjor Bamboo cutting board

-          Sink rim blends in

Undermount sinks bring out the natural elegance and beauty of your countertop for display. Your countertop will shine without that achy eyesore that sink rim has.

-          Versatility

A wide range of materials is available from which you can make your choice. And for this reason, they are perfect for any style of kitchen as well. The versatility that these Undermounts have to offer is perfect for any type of kitchen and the design of the room doesn’t even matter here.

Mensarjor big size kitchen sink   

Issues associated with Undermount Sinks

Despite all the good things that Undermount designs have to offer, there are a few discrepancies that you have to deal with as well. In terms of a few practicalities, the Undermount designs may present you with some difficulties. Let’s have a look at them briefly. 

-          Very expensive

Undermount sinks are the most expensive models that are present on the market. For this reason, these designs are far more popular in glamorous homes. 

-          Installation time

The entire installation process is quite difficult and you must hire a highly trained professional for this purpose to get all things sorted out.


-          Installation process

The sink needs to be installed with adequate support because the cement cannot hold the weight of the sink on its own. The cement itself needs to be properly applied and it should also let dry for a good period of time. The support is there for a temporary time. If you remove the support before the cement is even dry the whole structure including the sink will collapse. This can not only be a waste of time but of money as well.

Mensarjor Installation process one

-          Overflow issues

If you or any of your family member has a knack of turning the tap on and then forgetting to turn it off then this sink is going to be a problem. As soon as the sink is full, water will start to overflow. If it happens frequently then the cement will start to weaken and will crack.

Final Word

Installation process two

The Undermount sinks are truly cutting edge item for your kitchen but it also requires a lot of care. It will provide your kitchen with a luxurious look but you need to get it installed from a well trained professional. If you have taken all the necessary precautions and have got it installed adequately and of course you take care of it as well then it will continue to serve for a long time to come.

Mensorjor understands all the complications associated with the process and we guarantee that Undermount installation at your kitchen will be free of error and will continue to serve you for a long time to come. High-quality services and products are embedded within our business objectives.

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